Safety First: We make all efforts to provide a safe environment, but we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for personal injury, theft, or property damage. Please use caution and lock your vehicle and living quarters.


Conduct: Profane language, possession and/or consumption of controlled substances or being under the influence of a controlled substance are strictly prohibited. If you consume alcohol, please so so responsibly. Disorderly conduct and fighting will not be tolerated and you will be
asked to leave the property immediately with NO refund. CKCSB reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


Quiet Hours: 10pm to 8am. Please be respectful of your fellow neighbors. Super loud music is frowned upon.


Check In/Out Hours: Check- In is anytime after 2pm until 7pm. If you anticipate to arrive later you must call ahead. If we don’t hear from you , you will forfeit your room without refunds. Check out is 11am. If you need an early or late check out fee’s may apply.


Speed Limits and Parking: 2 mph please. Be diligently aware there are children and pets in the compound. Park in the designated areas. DO NOT part on the rocks, no doughnuts or spin-outs. All parking is for registered guests only.


Smoking Policy: CKCSB properties are strictly Non Smoking indoors. If you smoke inside a $250 fumigation fee will be applied to your credit card. Smoking is aloud outdoors BUT it is imperative that you dispose of the butts in the designated cans or ashtrays. If cigarette butts are found a fee of $20 per butt will be applied and then donated to the Crown King Volunteer Fire Department. Respect our amazing property and keep it clean.


Dishes and Contents: If you use the dishes, then kindly wash the dishes before you leave. If you do not like to do dishes then enjoy one of the amazing restaurants here in town or bring disposable dishes/utensils along with you. Please DO NOT rearrange the furniture or furnishings and respect the clean orderly fashion in which you found the rental when you arrived. If you move lawn furniture kindly replace it when you leave. Please do not remove items from your rental or you will be charged. Our rentals are unique and have many historic treasures to share with you and others.

Guests shall not deliberately or negligently damage or deface any part of the premises or knowingly allow any person to do so. If damages occur notify us immediately. You will be charged for the cost to replace, repair/maintenance of the fixtures and premises. Accidents happen but if the damage is due to negligence by the guest or their invitees then fee’s will be charged.


Trash Removal: Crown King Does NOT have trash removal. Motto is “Pack it in then Pack it out.” Please remove all trash and take it back down the mountain to your home trash. Fee’s for trash removal may apply. Make arrangements with Management if you cannot take your trash. Children Policy: Parents or Caregivers MUST be responsible for the conduct and behavior of their children at all times. Children under 14 must never be left alone in rentals and must be continually supervised by an adult. Please encourage respect of the property, antiques and your surroundings to your children.


Pet Policy: Pets are a privilege. Please refer to the pet policy on the website. Arrangement to bring a pet must be made in advance. If you do not disclose the arrival of your pet a $250 cleaning fee will apply. The Fee for a pet is $20 per average size pet. The fee is much higher for ginormous dogs such as Huskies, Akitas, great danes and so forth. REMEMBER pet’s are not allowed inside the Saloon and most eating establishments. You CAN NOT leave your pet unattended in the rentals and you cannot tie them up outside either. Kennels are allowed and preferred. Call ahead to make arrangements with Management. Clean up after your pet please.


Septic System/Well Water System: CKCSB operates mostly on private wells and Septic Systems. Septic Systems require strict maintenance to operate properly. That means there should be NOTHING besides normal bodily functions, septic safe toilet paper(provided) in the toilet. That means NO tissues, paper towels, female products, diapers, and especially BABY WIPES of any kind. If you plug the system you will be charged a huge fee.


Well Water: As you know AZ is always in a drought. Here in Crown King water is a very precious therefore limit showers to less than 5 minutes and NO baths. Do not leave water running any where and alert management if you find a leak or toilet running. Do NOT wash your vehicles. If the well runs dry everyone will suffer.


Occupancy/ “You Stay you Pay Policy”: The occupancy of the rentals are pre-determined at the time the reservation is secured. If you add guests please let management know and an additional $20 per person is applied. If you do not reveal extras you will be charged double.


Fires/Fire Pits: Campfires are only allowed in the designated fire pits at your rentals. Do NOT build your own fire pit. You can bring your own firewood, you can gather it, or you can purchase it here. Burn responsibly and make sure the fire is out completely before you retire.

Do NOT take fire wood from the neighbors they get really mad. We comply strictly with the Prescott National Forest Guidelines and strictly enforce their restrictions. If you get caught ignoring the restrictions the consequences are HUGE fines.

Summary: CKCSB is privately owned and the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. CKCSB is not responsible for accidents, injury to guests and visitors, or loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind due to, but no limited to fire, theft, vandalism, accident, negligence, or other acts of nature and extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, CKCSB guests, family and visitors hereby release and agree to indemnify CKCSB, its officers and employees of all liabilities and claims resulting from loss or damaged to property and injury to his/her person. CKCSB has the right to give notice to vacate the premises at any time. CKCSB reserves the right to change these rules whenever it is determined to be in the best interest of CKCSB and it’s occupants.


  • Cancellation Policy:
  • Any cancellations made less than 21 days prior to your reservation will not be entitled to a refund, however you may reschedule your reservation up to 90 days after your check in date for a $50 rescheduling fee.  If your travel plans change and you MUST cancel your reservation, please call us 21 days prior to your arrival date.  Cancellations received up to 21 days prior to arrival will be entitled to a full refund, less an administration fee of $50. (Except Holiday and “Big Event” weekend rentals, however you may re-schedule up to 90 days on a non-holiday weekend with a $50 administration fee)

SORRY we cannot offer any refunds or cancellations due to “natural disasters such as fires, fire restrictions or heavy snow or rain, however you have up to 90 days to reschedule at no charge.  We can NOT control or predict “Mother Nature”.


Emergencies: Please call 911 and notify management immediately. Report any injuries or illness to management.